How do we maintain open lines of communications? And by the way… where are you located?

By using the integrated e-mail capabilities of the web site, we are able to maintain open lines of communication. Just click on the notes icon next to each Payee, Customer or Employee and you can give instructions or ask questions. The email becomes a ‘task’ for us and will be responded to within two (2) working days. Finally, the risk of miscommunications decreases significantly as you can review past and pending tasks.

It really does not matter where we are located because we are prepared to fully service your account on-line. We receive and send all your documents by either a messenger, facsimile or e-mail. You can pay any Payee or Employee electronically within the United States and you can download all your financial information directly from the Web site. If any Employee or Payee prefers a check, you can have your signature securely encrypted into our magnetic generated checks, and we will gladly mail the checks for you.

Anyway, and to satisfy your curiosity, our offices are located in Gurabo, Puerto Rico.