Accounting and Payroll Services in Puerto Rico provides Payroll Services in Puerto Rico with clear vision of your business financials, ensures compliance, and maximizes your time.
Your accounting information is up to date and is accessible 24-7 via internet. Additionally, we will provide you an experienced accountant, who will guide you and where you can delegate the daily routine tasks.

Alchavo allows you to assess your current financial situation to make adjustments and take your business to the next level. As a result, it guarantees you the fulfillment of your obligations with the minimum effort on your part through a structured process. 

In addition, it provides you with an experienced accountant, who takes you by the hand and to whom you can delegate the day-to-day routine tasks in a controlled manner. 

From digitizing and entering invoices, processing checks or electronic payments to completing the entire payroll process, including computation, withholdings, and direct deposit. 

In conclusion, allows you to maximize your time to focus on the heart of your business.

payroll services

Payroll Services provides the best services to manage your company’s payroll because it’s efficiently and easily.

It is as simple as entering the start and end date of the payroll and the number of worked by each employee.

Once you approve the payroll and it is processed, we electronically debit the withholdings, contributions and insurance applicable to each employee, ensuring that the payment is sent and received by the regulatory agencies on time. That is to say 100% guaranteed.

Accounting Services

With, you will be able to manage your companys finances through a dynamic, interactive and bilingual portal that deals with accounting tasks for small and medium businesses.

Certainly, many professionals and growing companies are looking for ways to reduce costs and improve their productivity.

Our module includes bank balances, accounts receivable, accounts payable and financial statements with 24/7 access to detailed and updated information.

We offer online accounting services to help you reach the success of your company or business

Maximize your time

Firstly, delegate on us and minimize the time you spend on clerical tasks, like entering bills or printing checks.

Reduced costs

Personnel, benefits, training, turnover, hardware, software, printing/mailing, file cabinets, etc. In other words, the services we offer could definitely save you at least one or two employees on your current headcount.


Our Custumer Service department and Technological infrastructure has been designed to assure that our service is completely reliable.

Access to a Pool of Experienced, Qualified CPAs

Our system is complemented by a group of professionals able to help you reach your financial goals thru their knowledge and experience.

Leaders in Accounting Outsourcing

We are leaders in the trend of outsourcing accounting functions over the internet, having been in business since 1999. In fact, we are not aware of any other serious organization that is offering such a complete set of services to fulfill your non-core financial functions over the internet.


In addition, we have designed our screens, knowing your most precious assets is your time, thus our service must be fast an efficient.

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