Payroll Services provides the best payroll services in Puerto Rico to manage your company’s payroll efficiently and easily. It is as simple as entering the start and end date of the payroll and the number of hours worked by each employee.

payroll services
payroll services
payroll services
payroll services

100% Compliance

Once you approve the payroll and it is processed, we electronically debit the withholdings, contributions and insurance applicable to each employee. This ensure that the payment is sent and received by the regulatory agencies on time 100% guaranteed. Learn more about us and available resources for your business.

The best payroll services in Puerto Rico.

Processing your payroll in Puerto Rico has never been so easy and efficient. It is as simple as entering the start and end date of the payroll and the number of hours worked by each employee.

Payroll Check

When starting payroll services with as part of the setup fees we include 100 checks so you can print your payroll checks.

payroll services

Direct Deposit pay stubs

You can send the stubs to your employees by email or provide them access to the system so that the employee can access their information and download their stubs.

Forms W-2 and W-3

At the end of the years, the W-2 or W-3 forms are prepared for all the employees they had during the year. This payroll service has an additional cost and depends on the number of employees during the year.

Multiple frequencies

Each payroll processing has a minimum cost of $ 50.00.

Sick and Vacations days

We can configure your accrual in accordance with labor laws or based on the benefit you want to grant the employee. We have a vacation and sick request system that will notify the person in charge and will be able to see the detail of the history of that employee. Also, you can generate reports at any time to know the history of vacations and / or sicks.

Direct deposit or ACH

We send Direct Deposits to the main local banks; Banco Popular de Puerto Rico, Firstbank and Oriental. Also, we have a supplier that will facilitate us to transmit payments to banks in the United States, and Savings and Credit Cooperatives.

Time Clock Punch System for Employees Payroll

100% Compliance

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