Every decision we make embodies our commitment to provide the most highly reliable and advanced security infrastructure over the Internet and to ensure that all information exchanged between us is maintained in strict confidentiality.

We safeguard all information according to established and commercially reasonable security standards and procedures. We also assess new technology for protecting customer information on an ongoing basis.

By virtue of outsourcing some of the accounting functions to us you will immediately assure that the following key functions are segregated:

Segregated FunctionResponsibility
Approval of InvoicesClient
Data entry of invoicesOSI
Approval of paymentsClient
Safeguarding the checksOSI
Receipt of Bank StatementClient
Daily bank reconciliationOSI


Access to our online system is given per client’s authorization only. You can custom-control access to each authorized personnel.


We will never sell any information to a third party for marketing purposes without your consent. We will disclose information to third parties about your account only under the following conditions:

    • If lawfully required
    • If you request or authorize it in witting.

Secured Connection

We maintain the necessary licenses and have set-up the necessary infrastructure and software to guarantee a Secure Socket Layer connection. This proven technology is in use by the top 40 e-commerce sites, ALL of the Fortune 500 companies with a Web presence, and thousands of other leading sites. When you successfully log-on to ALCHAVO.COM, you will be in a secure environment as all information transferred between you and ALCHAVO.COM is encrypted and may not be accessed or interrupted by another User ID or unauthorized party. You can confirm this secure connection by entering the address https: including an "s" at the end instead of entering http: without including the "s" at the end. You will also observe a "lock" icon in the right bottom of your browser that will further confirm that you are in a secure environment.

Insurance is protected with insurance policies for business interruption and dishonest employees.

Contingency Plan

A critical part of our business is to provide you with real-time online access to your information. We have developed and currently have in place a comprehensive Contingency Plan to guarantee the continuity of our services to the largest extent possible. Some of the major areas of the plan include:

    1. Automated Power Generator
    2. Emergency Additional Phone Lines if our regular number is not reachable
    3. Off-site daily back-up of financial transactions and information
    4. In case the system is not available through our domain, the following IP addresses may be used to access the system: orhttp://
      In case our phone lines are unavailable you can reach us at the following numbers: for problems with the system Rafael Perez at 787-593-9383 and for accounting issues Joanna Fonseca at 787-930-5555.