Is your company operating under Act 60 (Act 20/22)?

We know what you need to operate your business in Puerto Rico and we can imagine your frustration!

There are countless agencies that can comply with your payroll, as well as pay the sales tax, prepare professional service payments, and then apply the withholding. knows the struggle, and we are here to handle it! We are a 100% online accounting and payroll service that is fully bilingual, tailored just for you! We manage everything from A to Z with the assistance of payroll experts, specialized accountants in Act 60, taxes complying, tax returns, and auditing services through AFS CPA Group LLC. payroll and accounting services:


  • Manage payroll process from “A to Z”.
  • Time Clock Punch System (Biometric, cell phone, computer)
  • Employer contributions
  • Withholdings
  • Handling of other employee withholdings
  • Christmas Bonus Calculation
  • Payment to employees (check or direct deposit)
  • Payment to government agencies (DTHR, IRS, Hacienda)
  • Filing of quarterly returns; including Choferil and SINOT.
  • W-2, W-3, 940-PR and 499-R3
  • Payroll Statement – FONDO


Online service that adapts to the needs of your operation.

BANK: we affiliate your bank account with the financial institution and reconcile it DAILY. With this tool, you will be able to control your operational cash flow.

PAYMENTS: Disbursements electronically or by check to external suppliers or service providers, complying with the disclosure requirements in 480s informative declarations. Electronic filing of quarterly payroll for services rendered, along with monthly payment of applicable withholdings.

COLLECTIONS: Simple module to manage quotations, purchase orders and invoicing with IVU withholding.

FINANCIAL STATEMENTS: Monthly, quarterly, or annual financial statements service that contributes to your knowledge when it comes to evaluating operational results, including budget.

IVU: We electronically file the monthly tax return to the state government and/or participating municipalities, along with the corresponding payments.

As a member of the Act Society, you have a 50% discount in the setup fee. Do you have any questions or want to know more about

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