With Alchavo.com you can do much more when making your PAYMENTS

We are experts in the informative 480s of the Puerto Rico Treasury Department. We take care of the whole process so that your business is in compliance, and you can deduct your expenses in your Income Tax return.


With alchavo.com's module and service you will be able to delegate all the work to us!

The data entry and organization of invoices with each supplier’s data – and most importantly adding whether it is subject to withholding or disclosure.

Approve your payments from your cell phone or tablet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Print checks at any time and include your digitized signature…no need to take time out of your schedule to sign checks. alchavo.com also processes electronic payments EVERY day or if you prefer, we can send your payments via postal mail. Giving you alternatives to make your payments.


  • Alchavo.com automatically retains 10% (after $500 paid for professional services) or applicable withholdings.
  • We make the monthly payment in SURI of those withholdings for services rendered and file the quarterly report.
  • The module, also provide access to a self-service portal for your suppliers, where they can enter their invoices for your review, approval and payment.

Calculate the cost of service payment

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Alchavo.com facilitates the payment process and assures you that you are in compliance with the Puerto Rico Treasury Department.

Get the most out of your payments! Deduct as many expenses as you can!