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Manage the finances and accounting services of your company through a dynamic, interactive and bilingual portal. Performs all accounting services tasks for small, medium and large businesses in Puerto Rico.

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Cut costs and improve their productivity of your business. Our accounting services module includes bank balances, accounts receivable, accounts payable and financial statements with 24/7 access to detailed and updated information. is committed to you to help you grow. Learn more about us and available resources. is the best accounting services in Puerto Rico with over 20 years of experience and client satisfaction!

Our all-in-one accounting solutions include:


In business, “Money is King.” Your ability to properly manage cash flow can be the difference between success and failure.


We enter your invoice, prepare your check, place your encrypted signature and send payment by mail (or email).


Managing the money your customers owe you is just as important as managing the providers you pay.

Financial Reports

In order to maximize the potential of each business, the owners must have their financial statements in real time to help them review, analyze and react effectively.

Customer Service

The Customer Service module or “Task” represents the official communication between all users of the program. This module keeps a history of the requested tasks.

Contributions and business consulting

Preparing business plans and projections requires extensive business knowledge and experience.


We link your bank account with the financial institution and reconcile it DAILY. With this tool you can control the operational cash flow.


Electronic payments or through checks to external suppliers or service providers, complying with the disclosure requirements in informative returns 480s. Electronic filing of the quarterly return for professional services, together with the monthly payment of the withholdings that apply.

Accounts receivable

Simple module to manage quotes, purchase orders and invoicing with Sales tax withholding.

Financial Statements

Monthly, quarterly, or annual Financial Statements Service that contribute to your knowledge to be able to evaluate operational results, including budget.

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