We enter the invoice, prepare the payment, affix your encrypted signature, address the envelope and mail it for you or make and electronic payment.

Data Entry and Scanning of Bills

We receive your paper bills and invoices from you, through a messenger or via mail, scan them into the system and place them on the site for your review and payment approval. In addition, you can download the image and send it to a third party, if needed.

Free Checks

We cover the costs of printing and preparing your magnetic checks, which can be as high as 25 cents per check, not to mention the costs of unused, void or damaged checks.

Controlled Payment Process

Although we print, affix you signature, address envelopes and mail, we do not print any checks until you have approved the bill for payment and scheduled which day to pay it.

Encrypted Signature

We can encrypt your signature on our computerized magnetic checks for immediate mailing. This saves you valuable time when dealing with a large volume of payments or a large number of employees. We can also send you the checks for you to sign and mail.

Safeguarding of Checks

Your checks are created by our state-of-the-art software system that converts a secure blank paper into a full magnetic check. Accordingly, you will mitigate the risk of getting your traditional pre-printed paper checks stolen, lost or inadequately used.

Mailing of Payments

If your signature is encrypted on the Payee checks, we can prepare and mail them for you.

Access Unpaid Invoices and Payee History

You can review an on-line list of all your open invoices segregated by Payee. A history of past invoices and payments, as well as copies of individual invoices to each Payee, can also be accessed for review and analysis.

Hold Payments Capability

If you have changed your mind on a particular payment, you can place it on hold until a future date.

Automatic Scheduling of Future Payments

You can automatically schedule a future payment for a fixed amount, following a predefined timing and frequency, e.g. monthly, weekly, etc.

Paperless Office

We receive your invoices for immediate processing. Once documents are scanned into our system they can be returned back to you for future reference, if needed. By having the images readily available in the Web site, you need not file each invoice in a hanging folder for each Payee, saving both office space and valuable time.

Payee Information

We maintain and present detailed information about each Payee. You can access relevant information of each Payee outside the office premises and working hours, e.g. telephone numbers, facsimile numbers, e-mails, addresses, contact persons, etc.

Professional Services Withholding and Reporting (PR Only)

We keep track of the payments you make to each Payee that provides you with professional services and we compute the required withholding amount based on the applicable percentages and considering any exempt portion (e.g. the first $1,500).

Year-End Forms 480.6A and 480.6B for Professional Services paid (PR Only)

We prepare the professional services forms 480.6A and 480.6B at year’s-end, for each of your Payees, as applicable.

Questions? Doubts?

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“All the changes are difficult and especially in the administrative area but I have to say that after 6 months of being with you and the processes are becoming simpler, better controls, seeing reconciliation on a daily basis and financial results on time. I have to responsibly recommend this platform to any company and its work team.”

Juan Diego Cobo
Papa Johns

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