Payroll Services in Puerto Rico

Processing your payroll has never been so easy and efficient. It is as simple as entering the Payroll Period and the number of hours worked per employee.

Our offices are located in Puerto Rico to provide you the best payroll service you can receive.

Our payroll services includes:

Controlled Payroll Process

We correctly and accurately compute all wages, withholdings and deductions for all employees, both salaried and hourly, for each payroll processed.

Employee Compensation, Witholdings and deductions

All withholdings and deductions retained are in compliance with any applicable laws and regulations. We also prepare and/or post the taxes for your approval.

Free Payroll Checks

We prepare payroll checks, which include all current and YTD information as to compensation, deductions and withholdings for each employee.

Direct Deposit Pay Stubs

We print direct deposit stubs for each employee. Each stub includes the current and Year-to-Date payment and withholding information. By distributing pay stubs, any errors are immediately detected.

W-2 and W-3 Forms

We prepare and file the employees’ W-2s and the employer’s W-3s reconciliation at years-end.

Multiple Frequencies

Our software provides a function feature where you can set-up and process multiple payrolls at the same time, e.g. a biweekly payroll for executives and a weekly payroll for hourly employees.


All employee information and payroll transactions can be easily exported to Excel.

Employee Vacation and Sick Days

We maintain a history of vacations and sick days taken by each employee, allowing you to track tendencies and make informed decisions when approving vacation schedules and raises.

Direct Deposit or ACH Files

We create and transmit your payroll direct deposit electronic file, saving you and your employees both time and money.

100% Guaranteed Timely Deposits to Regulatory Agencies

Once you have approved your payroll and it has been processed, we will electronically debit the following employee withholdings and applicable employer taxes and insurances to ensure that each payment due is sent on time and received by the required applicable regulatory agencies – 100 % Guaranteed.

  •  State Income Tax – Employee withholding
  • State Disability Insurance – Employee withholding and employer’s contribution
  • State Unemployment Insurance – Employer’s contribution
  • Federal Social Security (OASDI) – Employee withholding and employer’s contribution
  •  Federal Medicare  – – Employee withholding and employer’s contribution
  • Federal Unemployment Insurance –  Employer’s contribution
Hand Punch Interfaces

If you are currently using a hand punch system to track hours worked, we can configure our system for you to import the information directly into our web site without manual intervention, decreasing the risk of human error while saving valuable time in the process. Learn more

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