This price chart shows our services costs. If you are not subscribed to a monthly service plan and / or those services that were not included in your plan. Consult us for the monthly service plan that best suits your abilities and needs.

Module Rate
Bank $50/month/account
Payments Starting at $ 1.25 per transaction. A transaction includes from entering receipts, digitalization, posting up to shipping and preparation of checks, depending on the type of service you contract.
Payroll Payroll From $ 1.25 per employee per payroll either direct deposit or check. This includes paperless employee record storage, pay stub and virtual vacation or sick license application.
Receivables From $ 1.25 per transaction
Financials Financial statements are invoiced per hour depending on the complexity and time invested.
Maintenance Fee Will vary depending on customer and industry.
Access $25 per user
IVU From $50 per municipality
Delivery We offer delivery service. Price varies by location and frequency of delivery.
One Time Set Up Fee From $250. This service includes:
Setting up the company and users

  • Configuration of daily reconciliations and electronic payment capacity with affiliated banks
  • Create accounts and transfer balance sheets, as applicable
  • Transition documentation
  • Manuals and basic training
  • First digital signature
$50 additional fees may apply for RUSH processing of payroll run, same-day AP or AR Transactions, or additional (out of schedule) check run.
Project Management and Consulting
  • CPA or Programmers – $ 100 / hour
  • Manager or Senior Accountant with 5+ years of experience – $ 75 / hour
  • Accountant and Skilled Personnel – $ 50 / hour
Client Printed Checks HP printer, installation, training and 100 blank security checks: $ 300

Additional checks:

  • $100 – 500 blank security checks
  • $50 – 20 manual checks printed by alchavo.com
Equipment and Materials Biometric Punchclock

  • Connects to the Internet
  • AC with Internal Battery
  • Includes installation
  • Rent: $ 50 per month
  • Purchase: $ 500
W-2’s $75.00 minimum or starting at $5.95 per form
480’s $75.00 minimum or starting at $5.95 per form

* Prices subject to change without notice

Questions? Doubts?

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“All the changes are difficult and especially in the administrative area but I have to say that after 6 months of being with you and the processes are becoming simpler, better controls, seeing reconciliation on a daily basis and financial results on time. I have to responsibly recommend this platform to any company and its work team.”

Juan Diego Cobo
Papa Johns