In business, “CASH IS KING” – and your ability to manage your cash can be the difference between success and failure.

Daily Bank Reconciliation

Your bank account is reconciled every working day. A list of your outstanding checks and deposits is also presented and reconciled on a daily basis so that you can make informed decisions when determining which payments to schedule or hold.

Cash Flow and Liquidity Analysis

You will be able to review, on a single screen, a reconciliation of each of your bank accounts, a total of your unpaid invoices, a total of your uncollected receivables and an estimate of your future payroll commitments. In one single screen you will get all the information you need to analyze your liquidity position and make day-to-day critical decisions.

Daily Reporting of Bank Transactions

On a daily basis, we send you an email which includes in detail, the transactions that were cleared by the bank that specific day. By providing this proactive service, you can receive e-mails on your cellular phone to be aware of any returned deposits or overdrafts before your Payees and/or bank officials contact you.

Pre-Definition (or Pre-Coding)

If your bank account is being reconciled electronically on a daily basis, we can program the system to automatically account for transactions that repeat themselves.  For example, bank charges can be “programmed” to automatically be recognized in the bank charges expense account.

ACH and EDI Files

We generate your Direct Deposit (ACH) files and electronic payment (EDI) files for you. Otherwise, you would have to manually enter the required information into your on-line bank module every time you need to process one of these payments.

Multiple Bank Accounts

There are no limits as to the number of bank accounts you can have on or ALCHAVO.COM. offers complete banking services, including account conciliation, delivery of payments, checks and more.

Questions? Doubts?

Let us know! At we are here to answer your questions and help you find the right solution for the accounting needs of your business or company.

“All the changes are difficult and especially in the administrative area but I have to say that after 6 months of being with you and the processes are becoming simpler, better controls, seeing reconciliation on a daily basis and financial results on time. I have to responsibly recommend this platform to any company and its work team.”

Juan Diego Cobo
Papa Johns

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