General Benefits allows you to perform daily accounting tasks more easily, quickly and efficiently. Additionally, we will provide you an experienced accountant, who will guide you and where you can delegate the daily routine tasks. is built with the business man in mind: helping you to maximize your time and to invest less time in daily issues. That’s why is different. is an efficient, secure and fast business tool.

What is the difference from

You mantain complete control

Nothing is done without your knowledge and approval. It’s as if your Accountant was sitting in your office every time you access the system 24/7.

Reduced costs

Our services can reduce the cost you invest in personnel, benefits, training, turnover, hardware, software, printing/mailing, file cabinets, etc. The services we offer could definitely save you at least one or two employees on your current headcount or allow them to concentrate on revenue producing activities. When you add these savings up you’ll see major improvement in profitability.

Enhancement of internal controls

OSI focuses on segregation of incompatible duties, transparency of information and daily backup of data.

Leaders in Accounting Outsourcing.

Since 1999 we are leaders in the new trend of outsourcing accounting functions over the Internet. In fact, we are not aware of any other serious organization that is offering such a complete set of services to fulfill your non-core financial functions over the Internet. Having studied the fastest and most effective way to handle common day-to-day business processes and needs and having designed, programmed and implemented the most effective technology, you can rest assured that with our service your business is operating with the highest possible efficiency.

User Training.

The system is so easy to use that the training takes only 2-3 hours of your and your employee’s time. Training is held weekly so if you need to train additional personnel it’s as easy as sending us an email.

Organization and maintenance of the "paperless" office.

Everything is online and there is no need to keep a paper backup – you won’t need vendor files, etc., file cabinets or the people to do the filing.

On-line Access available to Third Parties.

By having all your information on-line, you can assign a User ID to your trusted CPA, attorney, credit officer, Board of Directors, or any other consultant that may, from time to time, need to review your financial reports. And you decide exactly how much access and what they can review. You will also save traveling time, delivery costs, etc.

Maximize your time.

Delegate on us and minimize the time you spend on clerical tasks, like entering bills or printing checks.

Daily update of information.

You may access daily bank reconciliations for better analysis and decision making.

Access 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can access, review and analyze your financial information 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, wherever you are.


We have dynamically programmed this web site and our software both in English and Spanish so your employees can use it, based on their preferred language.

Access to a Pool of Experienced, Qualified CPAs.

Our system is complemented by a group of professionals able to help you reach your financial goals thru their knowledge and experience.

Daily Back-Ups.

All your financial information is backed-up every working day, through the use of the most consistent sophisticated software and equipment. No worrying about hard drives crashing or other computer problems, which require recreating your records.


Our Customer Service department and Technological infrastructure has been designed to assure that our service is completely reliable.

Contingency Plans.

We have developed and currently operate with a comprehensive contingency plan to guarantee the continuity of our services to the largest extent possible.


We have designed our screens knowing your most precious asset is your time, thus our service must be fast and efficient.

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